Jacqueline Caux had realized several long documentaries movies and several short experimental movies selected in different festivals. Writer she had published some books of talks. She had participated for the organization of some new music festivals and realized “horspiels” for the French Radio France Culture.

- Realisation of the film “Always they will play with the wind” - 2022.

- June 22, 2019: Honorary Prize for all the films directed by Jacqueline Caux awarded by the FILAF/International Art Book and Film Festival (France).

2019 : Production of the film “The Bad Girls of Arabic Worlds”

2017 : Production of the film "Never Stop - A Music that Resist " - 1h15 "- Detroit's independent labels.

2015 : Production of the film "Hadda Ouakki" - 53 '- A Rebel Cheikhat of the Middle Atlas Moroco.

2014 : Production of the movie "Man From Tomorrow" - 40 '- A portrait of the music of Jeff Mills.

2013 : Production of the movie "If I keep you in my hair ..." - 70 '- Five female Arabian musicians.

2011 : Production of the film "Dolce Voce - Gavin Bryars" - 37 '- A Short musical portrait.

- « Contes de la Symphonie Déchirée » (“Tearen Symphonie Tales”) - 2010 - 54’
Fiction related to the music “ Symphonie Déchirée” from Luc Ferrari

- « Prism’s colors, mechanics of time » - 2009 - 96‘
This film will investigate the prolific musical period that begins in the middle of the 1960s and continues to the beginning of the 21stcentury: a half a century of music history principally in the United States. With John Cage, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Gavin Bryars and Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman.

- « Symphonie Déchirée » - 2008 - 75’
A captation of this 17 instruments and tape recorded sounds symphony composed by the French Composer and pionneer of Electronic Music Luc Ferrari, interpreted by the « Ensemble Instrumental Ars Nova » with an interview of the orchestre director Philippe Nahon.

- « The Cycles of The Mental Machine » - 2007 - 57’
A movie around the emergency of the Techno in the defaited city of Detroit, Motor City, the city of the Taylorism… with one of the first mythic DJ named “Electrifying Mojo”, Mike Banks from Underground Resistance, Carl Craig.

- “Who Says I Have To Dance In A Theater” - 2006 - 50’
The work in natural environment : beaches, woods, streets… of the American pionneer of the Post Modern Dance and Performances working with professionals but also with ill people with cancer, aids, old people...

- « Out Of Boundaries - Anna Halprin » - 2004 - 53’
Portrait of the mother of the Post Modern Dance. Living in San Francisco, she had formed Simone Forti, Yvonne Rainer, Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, Meredith Monk, worked with Bob Morris, La Monte Young, Terry Riley …

- « Presque Rien avec Luc Ferrari » - 2003 - 48’
Portrait of the French musician Luc Ferrari : from the serialism to the techno passing throw the concrete music.

- « La Monte Young » - 2001 - 52’
Portrait of the father of the American courant musical minimalism, and of his wife Marian Zazeela, who is working with light in their surrounding “Dream Houses”, and during the concerts of six hours long of La Monte named “The Well Tuned Piano”.

And many experimental short movies presented in international Festivals and Museums.

Bibliography :

2001 : « Presque rien avec Luc Ferrari »
A book with French musician Luc Ferrari published by the Editions Main d’Oeuvre. Translated and published in Japan in 2006.

2003 : « Tissée, tendue au fil des jours la toile de Louise Bourgeois »
with a 1996 CD of litanies and interviews, published by Editions du Seuil.

2006 : « A l’origine de la Performance »
conversations with Anna Halprin, published by the Editions du Panama.